Made to Lead by Triangle-area marketing and communications though leader Karl Sakas

We’re starting off 2017 with a special shout out to Karl Sakas, president of Sakas & Company, agency thought-leader, and all around marcom good guy. Karl kindly provided a few copies of his latest book, Made to Lead: A Pocket Guide to Managing Marketing & Creative Teams, and shared a few (autographed!) copies with us that we sent lucky winners home with after our December holiday social last month.

What is “Made to Lead” about? The synopsis:
“Managing people is tough, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! Leading and managing comes more easily to some than others, but anyone can improve—agency leaders are made, not born. In this book, you’ll learn concrete tips to make your work easier when you lead marketing and creative teams.”

If you weren’t lucky enough to win a copy back in December, you can order yours today from for the stellar price of just $4.95. We’ve been reading this ourselves between meetings and love the realistic and actionable tips Karl shares… which are all based on real-world experience.